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The nickname stems from Yatsufusa, the dog of the house Satomi:

In the 15th Century, the clans of Anzai and Satomi are at war with one another. After the last attempt fails, the members of the clan Satomi have to face the choice to surrender to the Anzai or to put their lives to an end. In the face of the certain death the clan head Yoshizane Satomi says something to Yatsufusa, the dog of the family that should prove irrevocable... Yatsufusa is jokingly made a promise, that if he brings the head of the prince Kagetsura Anzai (who is said to be in league with the powers of darkness) he would get Yoshizane's daughter, princess Fuse for his wife in return. To the surprise and joy of the house Satomi, on the following evening Yatsufusa returns with the severed head of the prince Anzai between the catch. Without its leader, it's easy for the Satomi's to beat the army of the Anzai - This turns the tide. Encouraged by this turn of events, the troops of the Satomi and the people who stuck by them, attacked together. The remaining leaders of the clan Anzai cowardly flee in all directions.

to be drawn After his heroic deed Yatsufusa is princely attended at Takita Castle. Princess Fuse who grieves for her intended, Daisuke, who is lost in battle, always adheres to Yatsufusa's side. Now that the Anzai clan is breaking, Yatsufusa however insist, that the Lord keeps his word. Since the head of the Satomi has given his promise to Yatsufusa, he has no other choice but to let Yatsufusa go with princess Fuse. They leave Takita and exile themselves together on the holy mountain Tomi in Awa. Days and months elapse and one year passes fast. In a vision the princess learned, that she had conceived Yatsufusa's offspring and will give birth to eight 'dog-children'.
(I'd like to point out, that this is not the result of an intimate connection, but a „bond of their hearts“. Anyone who thinks that sounds strange should recall to the precise circumstances of the birth of the last Christian Messiah, please.)
The alleged dead Daisuke Takanori but is alive and wandered to the mountain Tomi. Without his honor restored, he couldn't return to the Satomis. Since he had heard of the marriage of Yatsufusa with princess Fuse, he immediately headed towards their place in order to kill Yatsufusa and return princess Fuse to her family. The bullet from Daisukes gun barrel shoots right through Yatsufusa's body and also kills the princess before her eight offspring are born. With her death eight beads detach themselves from her prayer chain that bear the signs of the eight virtues, and rise up into the sky to reveal the incarnations of their unborn children one day. It is said that Daisuke had become a monk and adopted the name Chudai. Only the prayer beads that raised into the sky that night know the truth.

Years later: Eight young warriors - all are bearing a birthmark in the form of a peony and each of them carries one of the prayer beads from the princess Fuse's chain - but without suspecting about their importance or their true origin. The first four dog-warriors are guided to each other by the fate of the magical sword Murasame. It shall be handed over to his rightful owner, the ruler of Kanto...
For the eight dogs warriors bound together by a mysterious destiny, the kaleidoscope of fate begins to turn now.
„The Hakkenden“ is based on the famous samurai novel „Nansou Satomi Hakkenden“ by Kyokutei Bakin.)

Yatsufusa was the anime and manga character that impressed me the most and with wich I can most likely identify. About him I liked the best that not only he won on the superior Kagetsura Anzai, but also he (successfully!) claimed princess Fuse, defying past and present existing conventions - even if this particular situation without doubt is more likely to appear strange to all those who don't know the complete history of Hakkenden.

I don't wear his name because I feel like him or want to feel like him, but rather to pay tribute to him and his remembrance my way. I wear his name as a sign of my respect and my appreciation for him and what he as well as his human offspring have achieved.

I have no bearing on any kind of chili pepper. :)

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