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I am the path of the inner fluff! And I command you to...

Smile! :)

Well, here we are now, right? I know exactly, why I am here, but can you tell me, what you might do here? Not exactly, but at least not that exactly...? Then I will tell you: You are here, to find out! Some not-that-well defined powers forced you to go and look what this funny thing might be about. Sounds just logically, right? But we are not here, to get into logic discussions. So let me tell you, what this is all about...

It's all about the madness. You where driven by a strange, unknown power, that brings you to do funny things - strange? Maybe... frightening? Just a little bit... but mostly: Entertaining!! You never get bored that easy and you're known along your friends, acquaintance and allies for being a little bit (or a little bit more) loony. That is exactly right: You’re a Lunatic! You're a madman (or maybe -woman) and maybe you’re absolutely crazy! So much for the bad news... The good news is, that you can drive others around you insane, too. Perhaps slowly by talking them into it, or by just by sitting around in your corner and being mad silently without disturbing everyone... Isn't that great? It's more than this: It's a gift!

„Why be there a path?“
What? There isn't... Who told you such nonsense? ... Me? Damn, you’re right...! Should this worry me...? Naaa... There is a path, but that's not supposed to mean, you have to use or even know it.

But since you're here...

Welcome to Rivendale, Mr Anderson!

There are no rules for being one of the special mooded, but there are common behaviors, that can be observed on every one of us, by which you can tell, where you are on the scale from being just a little bit fussy to a completely whirlpool of... specialness.

0 - A Friend showed you this text and you don't think, that you’re somehow strange.
1 - You smile or laugh without a visible reason. You like sweets a lot.
2 - Sometimes, you find lunatic people in TV or in a book or comic inspiring... You stayed at least one time awake to see the sun rising or went out the house for a walk in the middle of a thunderstorm with nothing than a T-shirt, Jeans and shoes - or maybe not even that.
3 - You have absolutely no problem with being a little different in a way others won't tolerate - even if they are/were close friends. You're a curious one. Possible you know some quite unknown insider quotes. You have the certain feeling that you loved at least one time. You can be recognized on the first look for bein’ „strange“ and think of yourself as being strange.
4 - Perhaps you make funny sounds on a regular basis. Maybe you even made a kind of a language out of it and some of your friends sometimes understand a mew or two. Most people who knew you will say that you are a nice guy. You might collect strange things and are definitely a creative one... Even people on the Internet can tell, that you are quite „different“, without you giving them any clues on purpose. You think of yourself as bein’ mad - sometimes more, sometimes less.
5 - Employees in shops or restaurants tend to recognize you after you came just once or twice in their store and you're convinced that you are absolutely mad - no doubt. But that's not a problem - at least not for you. Most of your friends appeal to find this rather charming.
6 - You could never hide the fact, that you’re a absolute completely nutty mad lunatic. Even by standing still and saying nothing - wearing a corporate suit.
7 - Insanity flows from every particle of your appearance. You get stopped and checked by policeman on a regular basis.
8 - Old woman could get a heart-attack, after you were making virtually anything in their audience. You have submitted yourself in the fact, that most of the world outside of your head has gone totally nuts.
9 - You can scare the hell out of others of the path, just by walking by. People even hate you to death or love you as a close friend - there's nothing between.
10 - No really! I have absolutely no idea how to describe someone like you... Candy?

Many of the followers of the path of inner fluff have some strange abilities, such as
seeming absolutely innocent,
saying things (that sometimes seem to make no sense at the moment spoken), that later turn out as prophecies came true,
often animals like them from the first or second sight,
some can detect hidden hints like being painted in shining colors,
most tend to have strange hobbies.

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